Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Interview: Jan Adams, Third Owner of Magpie Models

Jan Adams purchased Magpie Models in 2002 and opened for business in 2003. She has very kindly granted us an interview about her time with Magpie.

Why did you decide to purchase Magpie Models?

I purchased Magpie Models after working for all the previous owners, because I didn’t want the business to cease trading and in response to the many fans that would have been disappointed. I had fallen in love with the little models and I was in a position to carry it on so it was an easy decision.

What do you see as your major contribution to Magpie?

My major contribution was forming the website and online trading including an eBay shop which opened the business up to a wider audience.

What is one of your fondest memories during your time with Magpie?

My fondest memories were the touching letters, of thanks, interest and help from the many model enthusiasts that purchased Magpie horses and accessories. Some of these were from long standing customers who collected as young girls and had continued into adulthood.

What was one of your most challenging times?

The most challenging time was when we nearly lost the moulds, they were very nearly scrapped when one firm went out of business, but as luck would have it we rescued them in the nick of time, but they took some transporting to our shed at home. As you have discovered they are very heavy and bulky. Without these the firm would not have continued.

Any other thoughts or memories about your time with Magpie?

Magpie models was part of my life for many years, my children grew up surrounded by half painted horses and tack etc. in all corners of the house. My late father-in-law made a lot of the wooden moulds to make the stables and fences and my husband was also roped into many tasks. It was very much a family affair as it has always been, and there are days when I still miss it.

Thank you, Miss Jan for your interview and for keeping Magpie alive!


  1. Awesome interview! Jan saved Magpie! Gosh, would have been awful if those moulds had been destroyed.

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