Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Catching a Magpie

I have been aware of Magpie since the late 1990s through their page on the Model Horse Gallery site; though I found the models appealing, I filed them under Never Going to Happen right along with the Julips due to the difficulty in obtaining UK-made models in the US.

My interest in the line revived when I moved to Scotland, but I was never lucky enough to find them for sale; I was always just a little too late. It wasn't until 2013 that I managed to catch my first Magpie.

In July of 2013 Utterly Horses published a listing in their classified ads seeking a new home for Magpie Models. While I thought I had no chance of being the next owner of Magpie, I figured there couldn't be any harm in inquiring. My first Magpie, a 2006 Vanilla, was nestled in the sample box Utterly Horses sent out in response to my inquiry.