Friday, September 01, 2017

Opening Day?

I have been planning a full re-opening of Magpie with kits and Persies for the end of September, but after months of model-preping and painting, I'm just not quite ready.

Instead, we will be releasing our Magpie Create-Your-Own Kits on Tuesday, September 19th through our online shop, as well as some warehouse miscellaneous through our forum.

Ghost of Glams Conga

In order to give myself enough time to get the 120 Persie models painted, detailed, haired, and packaged, I'm going to have to set their release date back to October 31st, which for many reasons is my favourite day of the whole year anyway.

I hope this news isn't too disappointing, but I would like our first release to go as smoothly as possible, and having all the models completely ready is a huge part in making that happen.

Until then, keep an eye out at the live shows for our donation model, Luciole.

2017 Donation Model - Luciole

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